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Wellness Coaching

     Welcome to your opportunity to transform! Based on the principles of yoga and the psychology of the mind, you will be guided through and learn the best techniques for elevating your consciousness and transforming your life. The tools and activities I provide, effectively pull back the layers of disease and disorder, in order to connect with resolution/solution on the deepest level. We work together to find what actually works, and discover the route problem! I will guide you to shift your mind and perspective, in order to create real long-lasting change.

     Firstly, let's establish the first layer of inner-connection and grounded energy. There's a different pathway for each min-body-spirit. We will find the best way this works for you. After a well-established foundation, transformation and healing begins and flows easily.


You will learn and practice a selection of tools, techniques, and understandings personalized to your needs.


If you're ready for elevated change, this program is for you! It's a true joy to share my gift of intuitive healing, and is most beneficial to those who are willing to face themselves and embrace true transformation. A list of tools I often use are listed, although this is not all-inclusive: Yoga, Reiki, Meditation, Breathing, Affirmations, Visualization, Ecstatic Movement, Journaling, and Tapping (Emotional Freedom).


Healing and elevation is best achieved when you have assistance. If you are willing to dedicate yourself, then joy, freedom, connection and success is yours!

Email me for your FREE First Session!


"It is a blessing to work with Laurie. She is patient, present, and peaceful. Laurie’s 

deep knowledge coupled with her intuition is the perfect balance. She guided me through the work seeming to know exactly what I needed and when. After my sessions, I have always walked away feeling balanced and with the constant chatter in my mind erased. Laurie is generous with her knowledge and gifts allowing me to release trauma and realize my own strengths, self-worth, and personal power. I feel so fortunate to have Laurie in my life and I can’t wait to see where this journey continues to take me."

-Alison Thalbit, Apr. 2023

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