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Wellness Coaching

Based on the principles of yoga and the psychology of the mind, you will be guided through and learn the best techniques for elevating your vibration and consciousness. The activities I provide, help us both pull back the layers of disease and confusion to connect with resolution/solution on the deepest level. We work together so as to best provide what actually works, rather than covering up the problems.

Firstly, and often times the most difficult, is to establish and build upon the first layer of inner connection to your intuition and grounded energy. There's no promises, but in my experience, after this is well-established, healing begins to flow easily. 

Furthermore, not all of the healing we can do must be done on our own. The vibrational elevation of Reiki healing has often times proven to be key and instrumental. 

My students (I call them "students" and not "clients" because we are all living and growing if we are learning) will primarily be practicing a selection of tools, techniques, understandings, and intuitive healing, and is most beneficial to those who are willing to face themselves on behalf of transformation. If you are willing to put in the work, then sweet joyful success is yours! 

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