108 SUN SALUTATIONS with the Yoga Aura Instructors!

Sunday, January 28th, 3:00-4:30pm

A powerful way to bring about change...as a group, intention is strong, victory is inevitable. Together, we are taking the steps necessary to find a cure! Donations will be collected at the event; or donate on-line (CLICK BELOW) Donations go to support Research to Finding a Cure for Breast Cancer!
Keep your intention clear and focused, keep it positive. We will be moving through One Hundred and Eight Sun Salutations; it will create a powerful moving meditation. Don't let the task intimidate you...modified or not, we will happily ride the breath to the end. Our intention is clear, it is positive, and we are focused! Success is coming, the cure is on it's way! 
Join us on Sunday, January 28th, at 3pm, for this moving meditation and exceptional line-up of instructors:
1. Laurie Levenstein
2. Amanda Luisa DeHaai
3. Ally Piedra
4. Genevieve Rivera
5. Heather Alyssa Viniar
6. Adam Fit
7. Madeline Burger
8. Tara Wood
9. Jennifer McCrory Hannah
Final meditation will be lead by the kind and compassionate Debbie Murray Glickstein!

(561) 409-0811

2910 N Federal Hwy.  

Boca Raton, FL 33431 

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