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Sunday April 22nd 4:00-6:00pm

Join Peter Palladino (500 E-RYT) for an interesting look into the anatomical reasons why we can and cannot, should and should not do different poses of yoga. 


What is Compression vs. Tension?

Keep in mind that the shape of the bones determines the range of motion of the bones. If two bones, at a joint, run into each other and stop the motion, then you have 'compression.' If there is more 'room' as determined by the bones, and you cannot stretch any further, then you have discovered 'tension.'


What is Orientation vs. Proportion?

The size and the proportion of the bones determine how safely and how effectively we can do a yoga pose. Come on Sunday to learn more!


To prepare for this Workshop...


Please read this article found online:


Please watch these three videos found at the following links:

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