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Yoga Aura offers an 

On-Going Training 

(one weekend a month)

For information and to begin your teacher training, contact Laurie by phone or email.

This is the first step towards deepening your understanding of Yoga!


Phone: (561) 985-9292

Teacher Training Program [200-hr Certification]

On-Going, one-Weekend-a-month...

What will I learn?
The Yoga Aura Teacher Training program will focus on the many aspects that help individuals gain the skills for yoga instruction including in-depth Anatomy & Physiology program specifically designed for students enrolled in this program, Techniques, Teaching Methodology, Yoga Philosophy and Practicum.

What kind of yoga does the program teach?
You will learn how to skillfully create and intelligently instruct a Vinyasa Yoga class. You will also learn about many other Yoga styles, with a special concentration on Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga. This program gives you a well-rounded understanding of Yoga as well as an extensive foundation on anatomy and other aspects that that will make you hire-able upon graduation.

Who will be teaching the program?
This teacher-training program is lead by Laurie Levenstein 500 E-RYT. In addition, specialists of different areas of interest will be brought in, specifically for this training, to speak on their particular areas of expertise! Upon enrollment, trainees have access to weekly in-stdio classes with the following skilled instructors at Yoga Aura without additional cost, and through the remainder of the training: Laurie Levenstein, 500-ERYT; Genevieve Rivera, 200-RYT, Alexandra Pachter, 1000-RYT, and Robert Candelario, 500-RYT. 

How much time does it take?
Those who enroll in the 200 hour program will attend training sessions for a duration of nine (9) months and those enrolled in the 500 hour program will complete their training in just fourteen (14) months. For example, those who begin in January will be able to complete a 200 hour program in October, and will be allowed more time if necessary. This training program is designed for your busy lifestyle by offering convenience and flexibility. Training is conducted every second weekend of each month in studio. Those in the 200 hour program will attend Saturdays and Sundays 11am to 7pm. There's an additional fifteen (15) hour requirement of pre-approved and designated classes and/or workshops in studio, completed at the students convenience, of which the cost is included.

When can I begin?

Yoga Aura Teacher Training Registration is on-going; you can register anytime. Due to the innovative design of this program, training sessions are offered once a month on the second full-weekend of each month. You can start at anytime and if you miss a weekend, you can make up the sessions. Teacher Training is for any Yoga practitioner that is interested in deepening their practice and their understanding of Yoga or for anyone interested in teaching Yoga.

What is the cost?

The easy pay-as-you-go pricing makes this program affordable. See cost structures below. There is a $400 non-refundable deposit due one month you start the training. Once the deposit is paid, then access to in studio classes with select instructors is available with no additional cost. 

*Please be aware that all monies paid into this Teacher Training Program are

non-refundable at the time of payment.*

200 Hour Investment Breakdown:

$400 (non-refundable deposit) is due on the 15th of the month prior to commencement.

Option #1: pay $278 a month (total cost is $2900, includes deposit), or

Option #2: Pay $345 a month with the bonus of unlimited classes in studio during the program (total is $3500, includes deposit).

Upon enrollment: trainees have access to weekly in-studio and online classes with skilled instructors at without additional cost, and through the duration of the training.

Questions, please do not hesitate to ask. 

Email Laurie at:

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