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Sunday, March 18th, 2:00-4:00pm

Become a Masterful Manifestor on the new moon as you plant seeds of intention from correct level of mind while simultaneously aligned with expanded heart, throat and third eye chakras. Get ready to enjoy life more with ACCELERATED MANIFESTATIONS!

Reveal how creating internal sound vibrational currents with breath and chanting higher vibrating sounds of mantras open the throat chakra, the communication center that accelerates your manifestation powers! This is very Liberating!

Empower Your Self with the magical healing modalities; pranayama, mantras and sound that will create a shift in your MIND-SET! Experience the profound effect that SOUND has on your well-being so it can help you MANIFEST WITH Greater EASE. This magical deeply relaxing experience ends with deep relaxation and Sound Bath with Gong and crystal harmonics.

About Sunny:

Sunny Arfa is an Empowerment Mind Coach that transforms your life by creating a shift in your mind-set after removing the blocks. Sunny is the Founder of Feel Great Meditate and the Co-Creator of "ELEV8TE" A Red Carpet Higher Conscious Event with Vino & Vegan tastings. Sunny is the Author of Can You Imagine World Peace? and the creator of Just Breathe Relaxation Meditations. Sunny uses many healing modalities such as many styles of meditations, pranayama, Kundalini technology, yoga, mantras and sound vibrations from healing sound tools to help you achieve inner peace to advance your SOUL GROWTH. Sunny is a sound healer and a powerful coach to guide your mind to peace so you can consciously create and manifest a more harmonious and happier life.
Sunny serves our community and offers private Intentional SOUND Vibrational Healing MEDITATIONS, Mantra Meditation and Kundalini as well as Workshops and special events. (

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