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Emotional Release Yoga - Unit 1

Emotional Freedom Transfer & Yoga

Do not under-estimate the combination of Yoga with the healing benefits of (EFT) Emotional Freedom Transfer. EFT is a technique that uses acupressure points on the body to release emotions, feel free, feel liberated and joyful. This is the technique mental health experts are teaching their clients. Come to learn how to release whatever is holding you back from everything that you want. Register for an amazing experience that will empower you for years to come; what a beautiful gift to give to yourself!

What to expect:

This session will begin with a short meditation, and then clear explanation of the EFT technique. The group will quickly transition into a gentle (non-heated) vinyasa flow class to ground and balance your energy. Upon completion of Savasana (Resting Pose), Laurie will guide participants into several rounds of EFT (Tapping) technique. You'll leave with a worksheet for homework (self-work), and documentation of the complete technique; not to mention feeling lighter and happier!

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